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Getting Started

Deep Channel is a next-generation workspace for data professionals: it's a streamlined workspace for integrating, analyzing, and transforming data with data warehouses and dbt™ Core.

If you find yourself jumping between dozens of disparate tools to do your job, Deep Channel can optimize your workflow.

Downloading and Installing#

Deep Channel is available for macOS Intel, macOS Apple Silicon, Windows, and Linux. Download the app at

Note: macOS users with M1 chips should download the Apple Silicon version for optimal performance.

Once the installer has been downloaded, install the application and open it.

There are several advantages to using a desktop application for analytics engineering work:

  • Native OS notifcations, like notifications when database operations complete or errors occur
  • Native shortcuts like opening and closing tabs, showing command history, and switching between parts of the application
  • Fast project compilation and error notification
  • The application is always shown in the dock and easily accessible while in other applications

Signing Up#

Sign up with Google#

If you have a Google account associated with your company email address, it is recommended you select Sign up with Google and authorize the application with your Google account.

Sign up with Email#

If you do not have a Google account associated with your company email address, enter your company email and a secure password and click Sign Up.

You'll receive an email asking you to verify your email address. Once you verified your email address you can move forward in the application.


Create an Organization#

If you're signing in for the first time and do not have any invitations to an Organization, you'll need to create a new Organization.

Organizations are logic groupings of People and Workspaces. They are often synonymous with Companies, but there are reasons for a single company to have multiple Organizations.

Join an Organization#

If you have been invited to an Organization by another user, you will see a list of invitations after you sign in. Click Join next to each Organization you wish to join.

Signing In#

If your account is associated with a Google account, click Sign in with Google - a browser tab will open up asking you to choose the Google account associated with your company email address.

If your account is associated with an email address and password, enter your company email address and your password and click Sign In

Inviting Team Members#

You can invite your colleagues to your Organization by clicking the Envelope in the menu on the left. Choose your Organization, enter your colleague's email address and hit Send. They will receive an invite welcoming them to Deep Channel. When they sign in the first time they will be prompted to accept your invite.